3 Things You May Ignore While Looking for Chinese Distributors

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To find a Chinese distributor is not hard, finding a good one is. We list 3 things you may ignore while you are looking for Chinese distributors.

Your Sales Pitch

The way you present your product/ service matters

Due to cultural differences, your understanding of a product is possibly different from that of your Chinese counterparts. The content and angle of products presentation carry a lot more weight in closing your sales! See how IMAX and Jesta I.S twisted their message!

Make Sure About the Main Markets of Your Distributors

Where, exactly, your distributors are going to sell your products?

China market is not a specific concept as China. You need to be sure which region in China needs your products! Usually, there ARE NOT a lot of DISTRIBUTORS WHO CAN SELL THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY.

You need to understand which region or tier of cities in China has the greatest market potential for your product/ service. Then look for a suitable distributor!

Build Brand Reputation

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