Adaptation according to Kit Kat’s strategy

Does it ever occur to you that Kit Kat, the western chocolate bar created in the 1930s has transformed into to the number one chocolate brand in Japan in 2012? The huge success of Nestlé tells us that foreign market is conquerable!

What’s your stereotypic flavor for a chocolate bar? Kit Kat in Japan tell you that it’s time to change! Since 1990s, Nestlé has produced over 200 special edition flavors of Kit Kat, these exclusive Kit Kats vary featuring popular flavors from selected regions in the country, limited seasonal fruits, collaborations with famous Japanese character…. The message from Nestlé is clear: Kit Kat is part of Japan and Japan is part of Kit Kat.

How Kit Kat maps Japan with its regional specialty

The key concept of Nestlé strategy is the adaptation to the different types of potential customers. Nestlé successfully makes Japanese people identify Kit Kat as a cultural souvenir more than a simple chocolate bar.

To remain competitive, Nestlé keeps on innovating Kit Kat brand, the quality of product, package and visual presentation. Nestlé makes their customers rediscover the product by innovating on the product itself and on the brand image. Its popularity also allowed the opening of the world’s first Kit Kat flagship in Tokyo.

Nestlé used all methods of digital marketing. A creative and vivid website, the friendly social media tool, the fans community, these offer the Kit Kat customers a platform to communicate with Nestlé and provide instant feedbacks.

Nestlé has marked its business in Japan for more than 100 years. Thanks to this marketing strategy, in fact, 650 Kit Kat bars are consumed every second. What are your adaptation strategy for your foreign market?

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