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Why should Asia be your focus?

Asia has a population of 4.427 billion, which accounts for 60% of the whole world population. Among all Asian countries, China has one fourths of the total regional population.

Despite the large population, Asia is the fastest growing economic region in the world. Emerging Asia economies, especially China economy, glow in the global market. With an increasingly affluent and growing middle class, the era of Asia is on the way. Read more… 


Why you should consider North American Asian market?

In terms of the population size, Asian contributes to 15% of total Canada population and ranked as the 3rd ethnicity group in the U.S. Besides, this group also represents a higher growth rate than average Canadian population growth. China is the primary origin for Asian population in both countries.

Living in North America through immigration, Asians are educated, employed and more affluent. The fact translates to more purchasing power. The large ethnicity market indicates great potential for marketers to consider and develop.  Read more…


Why Asian consumers also important?

Did you know?

Over 70 direct flights between Canada and China are operated weekly.
China and South Korea are important sources of overseas travellers for Canada and the trend is still increasing.
Over 405,000 Chinese travellers have visited Canada with a total expenditure of over 800 million in 2014.
2.4 million Chinese millionaires are actively seeking oversea investment opportunities.

Besides the obvious market data, a study by Brookings Institution also indicates that the Asian middle class will compose 66% of the global share in 2030. The large number and the great purchasing power of Asian consumers make them an important component of the market.

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