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Figures about Chinese outbound tourism:

The booming number of Chinese outbound tourists has positive impact on destination economics. In 2014, Chinese outbound tourists have reached 107 million with a total expenditure of 102 billion, which equals 11% of global international tourism revenues,according to UN World Tourism Organization. It is expected that there will be 140 million Chinese outbound tourists in 2015. More than 405,000 Chinese tourists have visited Canada in 2014, spending more than $800 million with an average stay of 36 nights.


Some facts about Chinese tourists:

Fact 1: Chinese outbound tourists are generally among the country’s high-income groups. Young people of post 80s are the majority of Chiense outbound tourists. About 56% of all outbound Chinese tourists are post 80s.

Fact2: 57% of Chinese netizens book their holidays online. 70% of them book flight tickets. Tour travel is the main method of outbound tourism, however the trend for independent and personalized travel is getting popular.

Fact 3: Chinese tourists prefer using online travel agent(OTA) to plan trips and get information about destinations. Chinese tourists use not only online travel websites, review websites to get travel info, but also social media and relevant mobile apps.

Fact 4:Trust on Key Opinion Leaders(KOL). No other races in the world trust KOLs as much as Chinese. Chinese people engage more frequently with KOLs and they trust their recommendation.

Fact 5:Shopping is a main purpose: Luxury products sold in western countries are about 30%-50% cheaper than that in China; Chinese people also believe that the quality of products sold in foreign countries are higher than their equivalent in China.

Fact 6:Outbound travel is more about in-depth travel. Outbound tourists are shifting from sight-seeing to experience, they are more easily attracted by new products, new places and different lifestyle.

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