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Hong Kong Market Introduction


With only 1,062 Km2, Hong Kong, however, has 7 million people. With a steady export and import with Canada, Hong Kong is a market that cannot be neglected. More than 50% of products from Canada exported to Hong Kong are consisted of pearls, precious stones and metals. Hong Kong, on the other hand, is a source for electrical products for Canada.


Source: Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada



The same as Taiwan, Hong Kong is an important secondary tourism market for Canada and its citizen do not need a visa to enter Canada. More than 128,000 people from Hong Kong have visited Canada in 2014, with a total consumption of $189 million.


Consumer behaviors:

Like other Asian consumers, Hong Kong consumers can easily be prompted by price, quality and after-sales technical specifications of products. According to a study by Master Card company, more than half of Hong Kong consumers are savvy luxury goods seekers. They have the inclination for buying luxury products at good price.

In the age of digitization, Hong Kong consumers actively use Internet to help with their purchases. 60% Hong Kong consumers will check products in stores before buying online, while three out of five consumers will review products information before buying in stores. Besides, Hong Kong consumers consider buying different categories of products online, which include personal care, health, beauty, pet supplies, etc.


Source: Nielson, Master Card

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