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Did you realize the potential and power of North American Asian Market? Let the figure talk:

Asians in Canada:

Canada is a country known for immigration and diversity. One out of five Canadian is identified as visible minority. Based on census, more than 5 million Asian Canadians living in Canada, which equals 15% of total Canadian population.

Chinese is the largest ethnic group among all Asian Canadians with more than 1.5 million population(Almost equals the total population of Montreal, second largest city in Canada.) The number may seem small, but the percentage in relation to total population of Canada is high. Study also shows that the trend is still increasing.

Asians in the U.S

Asian American made of 5.8% of total US population. Chinese is the main source of the ethnicity group, as well as the fastest increasing group, with a number of over 4 million (almost TWICE the total population of Toronto).

Asian Americans are the highest-income, well-educated and fastest-growing racial group in the U.S. Compared with general public, Asian Americans stand out both in education and career. Influenced by Asian culture, 53% Asian Americans do not regard themselves as typical Americans. (From Pew Research)


Something you don’t know about Chinese Canadians:

Both Chinese Canadians and Chinese Americans are well-educated and more affluent. Their household income is about 10% higher than national average.

76% 18+ Chinese Americans are foreign born. The language habit is the same for Chinese Canadians and Chinese Americans, no matter how long they have been lived in the country and how long well they speak English, 50% of them speak Mandarin or Cantonese at home. Website with Chinese translations will build credibility and familiarity in the group.

Strong family value. 59% Chinese Canadians or Chinese Americans married and over half of them married Chinese.

Smart phone and high technology has higher penetration rate in this community group.

Spending longer time online and enjoy purchasing online.

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