水 Water

CHINESE PROVERBS: DEVELOP WISDOM IN A DIFFERENT AND WONDERFUL WAY 水 shuǐ “In Chinese culture, water is symbol of wealth and adaptability.  This is why Bruce Lee said “Be water, my [...]

投资 To invest

CHINESE PROVERBS: DEVELOP WISDOM IN A DIFFERENT AND WONDERFUL WAY 投资 tóu zī “To invest” in Chinese is composed of two words: “to give” and “wealth”. Together, [...]

机会 Opportunity

CHINESE PROVERBS: DEVELOP WISDOM IN A DIFFERENT AND WONDERFUL WAY  机会 jī huì “Opportunity” in Chinese contains two words: “moment” and “gathering”.  Therefore, [...]

出类拔萃 Excel the common

CHINESE PROVERBS: DEVELOP WISDOM IN A DIFFERENT AND WONDERFUL WAY 出类拔萃 chū lèi bá cuì “Excel the common.” Chinese proverbs teach beautiful lessons and transmit the thousands-year-old [...]

6 strategic tips for China

Six pieces of advice that you must absolutely know in order to successfully sell your products in China China, as the turntable of the new millennium economy, offers unequalled opportunities to [...]

Happy New Year!

To mark this new year, Orchimedia has set goals with the aim of better listening to client needs in order to help them face new challenges. Orchimedia’s mission is to enable Canadian companies to [...]

Happy Holiday!

Christmas is on its way… The Orchimedia team wishes you a very happy holiday time and offers you its best wishes for 2011! May it be memorable and full of achievements, both personal and [...]

Did you know that…?

China is joining the luxuries market! It’s time to realise that the era of China being the top manufacturing country is well and truly over! With its 875,000 millionaires and 6% annual growth, [...]

The Western influence

In contrast to China and Japan, Western social networks like Twitter and Facebook have pierced the market despite all the success of the local networks (Cyworld and Me2day). The use of Western [...]

A ludic world

It is thus not surprising to note that Koreans are big Internet users. One particular aspect of Korea is the existence of organised online video game leagues (such as Global Starcraft 2 League): [...]

Well-established networks

Social media have undergone numerous recent transformations while their use has soared. According to a recent study, 25.7 million people (about half of the country’s population) visited a social [...]

Korea, a land of extremes

Located between China and Japan, South Korea is a country that has developed into a high-tech hub. With one of the fastest internet networks in the world, Koreans are also enticed with the [...]

Did you know that…?

The luxuries industry is doing better because of China, the principal market in Asia, with growth of 30% this year, up from 20% in 2009. In comparison, the US should experience growth of 12%, 6% [...]

Major changes in the dynamic

The strong penetration of the Internet in Japan has resulted in a very sophisticated use of it by the Japanese. They use powerful online tools and are not hesitant to voice their opinions on [...]

Their own social networks

The division of social networks into sub-groups means that the networks connect the public more precisely. The people of Japan and their unique culture have enabled the hatching of networks that [...]

A multitude of uses

More and more, the Japanese are using social media to get informed on a mass of subjects, but also to shop. As they tend to ask for advice from their entourage, these users are thus less [...]

Conquering China over the Web

The exposure of the Chinese to the Internet is so large that it has become an area that a company can no longer neglect if it wishes to export to the Middle Kingdom. The arrival of millions of [...]

Comparison of social portals

In China, the Internet is developing rapidly and social networks there see their member numbers increase rapidly. Earlier we mentioned that the most frequently used Chinese networking sites are [...]

Who are the Arabs?

The majority of Canadians of Arab origin are Lebanese (41%)[1], 12% are Egyptian whilst the proportions of Syrians, Moroccans, Iraqis, Algerians and Palestinians range from 4% to 6%. The largest [...]

Back to HEC

With the positive feedbacks from MBA students of HEC (November 23, 2009), Chia-Yi is invited to animate two classes in March 2010 at HEC: ” Analyse sectorielle et occasions d’affaires” by [...]

A tiger’s love!

It is a well-known fact that our world is more and more intertwined, and this year, the trend is confirmed through the combination of the “tiger” and “Cupid”. The 14th February 2010 is actually [...]

Dos and don’ts in Taiwan

Food is an integral part of a country’s culture – this is even more applicable in Taiwan where it is common to have four to six meals per day. “Have you eaten?” is a common way to greet someone. [...]

Bilateral Relations

With trade reaching CAD$5.5 billion in 2008, Taiwan is Canada’s fourth largest trade partner in Asia: Canada imported goods worth almost CAD$4 billion while exports amounted to CAD$1.5 billion. [...]

The Taiwan Miracle

Considered to be very poor in the 1950s, Taiwan is now a symbol of prosperity in Asia. The speed of its growth has lead to it being nicknamed “the economic miracle of Taiwan”. SMEs are the [...]

Focus on Taiwan: Introduction

This small island covered in enchanting scenery, which has earned the name “Ilha Formosa” (the beautiful island), has about 23.1 million inhabitants. Two-thirds of the surface area is mountainous [...]

Canada-Vietnam Relations

Canada-Vietnam trade has increased significantly in the last decade. In fact, trade value vastly surpassed $1 billion in 2008: Canada imported $953 million while exports reached almost $317 [...]

PFAQ 2009 Nomination

Chia-Yi Tung, president of Orchimedia, was one of the finalists for the “2009 Business Woman of Quebec Award” Montreal, September 2, 2009 – Chia-Yi Tung permanently moved to Quebec in 1999 [...]

Dos and don’ts in India

Here is a five-point list of things to look out for if you do business with a partner from India: As in most Asian countries, India is a collectivist country. Maintaining harmony is essential in [...]

Think global, act local

It is understandable that a company whose brand or brands have a huge notoriety would prefer to change as little as possible when trying to penetrate foreign markets. But it could be disastrous [...]

Canada-India relations

India is among the 13 priority markets where Canadian opportunities and interests have the greatest potential for growth, according to the Canadian government. In 2008, bilateral exchanges grew [...]

A flourishing economy

India possesses a highly qualified and educated workforce. Its universities are renowned throughout the world and are ranked as leaders in fields such as mathematics, sciences and technology. [...]

A growing purchasing power

Estimated at 50 million people in 2008, India’s middle class should reach 583 million in 2025. Global consumption is expected to quadruple within the next 20 years. Hence, this hike would allow [...]

IBM in India

Did you know that…? IBM is the multinational with the largest number of employees in India (more than 70,000). Source : http://in.reuters.com/article/technologyNews/idINIndia-39810920090522

Focus on India: Introduction

The world’s largest democracy With its 1.15 billion inhabitants, the Republic of India is the second most populated country in the world after China. Hindi, the official language, is spoken by [...]

The effects on marketing

According to a study conducted by Ipsos Reid, advertisements in the mother tongue of the target consumer would be more effective at capturing Chinese and South Asian audiences. Moreover, 63% of [...]

A highly educated population

In general, immigrants have a higher level of education than people born in Canada. In fact, their proportion of post-secondary graduates is larger than that of non-immigrants. Furthermore, the [...]

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