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Camoplast Solideal becomes Camso

Orchimedia is proud to share the news that its client Camoplast Solideal becomes Camso.

Congratulations to the Camso team!

On July 3rd, the Magog-based multinational Camoplast Solideal launched its new corporate image Camso – the best representation of Camoplast and Solideal – and its new signature “Road Free company”. The company has developed a unique culture.  For the Camso team, “Road Free” means achieving its commitments, being industrious, and acting authentically in its relations with its customers and suppliers.  This is what the Camso brand aims to communicate to its partners.

In order to standardize its international image, Camoplast Solideal has mandated Orchimedia to brand its China and Japan corporate image. For both markets, Orchimedia preserved the meaning “Road Free” while conveying a strong, confident, elegant, yet not arrogant resonance. In all, the new Chinese and Japanese corporate images aim to suit the markets’ expectation while keeping the original essence.

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A story that started with intercultural understanding

Orchimedia’s business relationship with Camoplast Solideal started when the latter has acquired a company in South Korea. In face with unfamiliar corporate rules, as well as linguistic and cultural differences, Camoplast Solideal’s executives had concerns about being influential when integrating the new company, preserving its leadership, and mobilizing their North American, European, Korean and Chinese teams; and they could not allow failure to happen. Therefore, Orchimedia proposed the solution UMAN, a turn-key solution for intercultural training.

Following the success of the project, Orchimedia has continued to support Camoplast Solideal in their Asian market expansion, proving the solution Brand You To China to create an adapted branding for China and Japan.

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