Orchimedia at Radio-Canada International : Montreal-Beijing direct flight for the year of goat

Chinese New Year, a traditional Chinese festivity, is part of in many Canadians’ culture. At the eve of the Chinese New Year, many chambers of commerce, lawyer offices and other institutions are hosting receptions to celebrate the relationships with their Chinese clients and the expansion toward the Chinese markets.

Orchimedia is a communication consulting firm located in Montreal, Quebec. Founded 11 years ago and having contributed to many projects linking Quebec with China, its team supports its clients through intercultural and strategic consulting in public relations, branding and digital marketing.

Highlights of the Year of Goat: Montreal-Beijing direct flight

In this interview, the founder and president of Orchimedia, Chia-Yi TUNG, explains that in the past few years, the exchanges between Canada and China in different fields have become more frequent. In this Year of Goat, Montreal and Quebec will see several opportunities open with the Montreal-Beijing direct flight.

She says that this friendly relationship between Quebec and China has a long history. For years, small-, medium- and large-size companies in Quebec have demonstrated their interest in going to Chinese markets, but without a direct flight, distance is an issue to building relationships.

Air China is currently establishing a direct flight between Montreal and Beijing. Although no official date has been confirmed, the first flight will take place at the earliest this Summer and the latest this Autumn, and will allow a mutually profitable partnership for Quebec and China.

Chia-Yi TUNG forecasts that the direct flight will encourage more Quebecers and Quebec companies to go to China, and at the same time, facilitate Chinese companies’ visit in Quebec. Orchimedia is currently working with Tourisme Québec to greet Chinese tourists in Quebec.


Source: http://www.rcinet.ca/zh/2015/02/16/32103/

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