About Chinese Tourists: What marketers should know?

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About Chinese Tourists: What marketers should know?

China’s fast growing outbound tourists continuously making headlines these years, what do you know about this potential market? In 2015, Chinese outbound tourists expenditure has increased 23% compared with that in 2014, the expense has reached about US$5765, how could your business leverages the opportunity and benefits from the golden mine of the tourism industry?

Here’s something you should know about the market:

1.Chinese outbound tourists across all ages, however post 80’s are major groups. A majority of them are from eastern region of the country with higher monthly income and significant purchasing power.

2.A large number of outbound tourists still travel in groups, because of language and visa barriers. However, independent travel is gaining popularity among outbound tourists.

3.Chinese people trust the quality of product sold outside China. They believe products sold in western countries are safer and better. They also assume that there’s almost zero possibility of buying counterfeit product in other countries.

4.Chinese outbound tourists spend over 50% of their travel budget on shopping. Chinese have a gift-giving culture; hence shopping becomes a primary task of their trips. Chinese people not only shop for themselves, they also shop for the entire families, relatives, friends and colleagues.

5.Chinese outbound tourists have closer relationship with digital technology than their western counterparts. They prefer spending longer time in products/services reviews and they are more inclined to share personal experience on the Internet. 58% of them prefer make hotel/air tickets reservation online. More than half of the group research and read reviews on vertical sites and social media platforms.

6.Chinese outbound tourists trust recommendation and word-of-mouths from peers. Reviews can be easily searched and bad reviews can go viral easily.

7.Reality shows dominate Chinese entertainment TV programs. Chinese audiences are wrapped by all sorts of reality shows that featuring celebrities. Shooting destinations of reality shows influence people’s choices of travel destination. Usually there will be a Chinese tourists wave after shooting the reality shows.

Here’s something you should consider:

In 2014, more than 45,000 Chinese travellers have visited Canada and the number is expected to grow in 2015 and following years. China has been one of the top 3 traveller’ sources for Canada. In Canada, three cities have direct flight to China, with over 70 flights operated per week. The convenience of transportation indicates that more Chinese travellers will visit Canada.

The tourists market is fairly new, however with great potential. Facing the huge market that has utterly different culture, it is important for business to know them before marketing to this group, especially understand their culture, therefore to understand their behaviours and preferences. Discover why business like you take cultural basis measures to attract the market and improve performances.

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