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Conquering China over the Web

The exposure of the Chinese to the Internet is so large that it has become an area that a company can no longer neglect if it wishes to export to the Middle Kingdom. The arrival of millions of consumers online obliges companies to rethink the way they market themselves and their products. Social media have completely modified the commercialisation of products. Consumers don’t hesitate to criticize or praise, ruin or recommend a product, which is why it is important to use these social networks to interact with consumers in order to create customer loyalty.

Having a strong corporate image backed by a well-developed web strategy and an understanding of the local culture now allows Western companies to do business much easier than in the past. The emergence of a middle class in many countries such as China, India and even Brazil is deeply modifying the global economy. The attraction of the US market is diminishing following a series of financial setbacks that have plagued the country. Many companies are looking for new markets in which to sell their merchandise and it is why the Internet plays a growing role in the commercial domain. The upheavals caused by the Internet are thus far from over.

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