Credibility and Success: the Importance of Chinese Rebranding

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Credibility and Success: the Importance of Chinese Rebranding

The importance of renaming yourself in Chinese when in China is because an important number of Chinese people are still not familiar with foreign languages. The trick is that a simple phonetic translation will not bring you success. A conception of a nomination that resonates to the Chinese people and that delivers a fusion of your image, your positioning and values will result your success, because people will accept you for who you are, instead of inventing a name for you. To make a parallel, this is like going to a networking event without presenting yourself. If you don’t do it, people will name you however they like in addition to remembering who you are.

There are about 300,000 international brands entering China each year. By adapting your brand to the Chinese’s preferences and tendencies, you will easily be remembered, which is the first step of their acceptance. The Chinese nomination also requires careful analysis, as undesirable image or puns could be costly to your image. Some foreign companies that have underestimated the expertise of Chinese rebranding, which could cause slowdowns in sales, like the case of KFC, or, even worse, considerably damage your reputation, like Best Buy. . Despite of their international success, a lack of re-branding has played against their success in China. Naming yourself does not only give an image, it is all about building credibility and sustainability.

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