Let’s keep on dealing with stereotype impression!

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Let’s keep on dealing with stereotype impression!

The presentation given to the Montreal-China trade mission team by Orchimedia’s founder and president—Chia-Yi Tung raised the issue of stereotype impression. About stereotype impression, we need to face this:

To show the influence of stereotype impression on brands, we used a region in China as an example. The region has been unfairly stereotyped in China for decades, though this misperception is changing in modern China. Our intention to use this example is to show how to deal with this subtle psychological status that should not exist while branding, not to justify the wrong perception.

As a company that bridges Quebec and Chinese companies, Orchimedia has the duty to flush away all pre-existed stereotyped impression at the first step. We know it is important to incorporate awareness education on cultural differences, behaviors in our intercultural training, so to pave the way for a better mutual understanding. To stereotype impression, let’s keep on fighting with them without stops!

See Chinese Below:




作为一家桥接中国和魁北克的公司,我们有一个很重要的使命,即帮助两方在第一时间移除预先存有的错误的观念,或者说刻板印象。我们知道意识方面的教育在此显得及其重要,我们也会一如即往得在我们的跨文化传播培训中囊括意识层面的关于文化差异,行为差异的教育,以此促进双方更善意和更理性的理解。消除刻板印象,从未止步, 绝不停息。

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