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Different media to attract different segments

Ethnic communities don’t only differ in their ways and customs, they also have different media-related habits. A study conducted by the Bensimon Byrne agency has revealed that first and second generation (male) immigrants read more newspapers than the rest of the population. In fact, the vast majority of them read newspapers in their mother tongue, a trend that is more pronounced in new arrivals and second generation immigrants.

Internet use is also more intensive among certain large ethnic groups (notably Chinese, South-Asian, westernised Asians and Hispanic communities). A survey conducted by Solutions Research Group revealed that the penetration rate of computers in Chinese and South-Asian households has reached 88% (compared to 83% of Canadian households). The internet is particularly popular among Chinese Canadians who use it for an average 2.4 hours per day (compared to an overall average of 1.7 hours) and 80% of those have access at home (the national average being 68%).

Sources: http://www.consumerology.ca and http://www.srgnet.com

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