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Dos and don’ts in India

Here is a five-point list of things to look out for if you do business with a partner from India:

  • As in most Asian countries, India is a collectivist country. Maintaining harmony is essential in all negotiations and all kinds of confrontation should be avoided. Categorical and direct refusals are not well perceived.
  • Indian society is also very hierarchical, higher ranking officials, in particular those who are older, are very well respected. Final decisions are made at this level.
  • Permitted physical contact is limited and is condemned with someone of the opposite sex. Although the use of a handshake is widespread in a business context, a man meeting a woman should wait for her to initiate the gesture. In case she does not, it is recommended to abstain and to opt for a Namaste, the traditional local greeting.
  • Gift exchange is very common in India. Giving alcohol is not very widespread, it is preferable to opt for sweets or corporate gifts. The gift should not be too expensive and the packaging should never be black or white.
  • It is imperative to use your right hand when engaging in a handshake or to serve yourself food.


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