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Dos and don’ts in Taiwan

Food is an integral part of a country’s culture – this is even more applicable in Taiwan where it is common to have four to six meals per day.

  • “Have you eaten?” is a common way to greet someone. You’re not expected to reply truthfully. A simple yes is sufficient, no matter the reality.
  • The exchange of gifts is very popular in a business context (just like everywhere in Asia). Food is a gift that is greatly appreciated, except if you are invited for a meal at your host’s house. In that case, don’t forget to remove your shoes at the doorway (just like in Japan).
  • It is very important to excessively compliment the food when one is invited, and try to serve yourself at least a little bit of everything.
  • You are permitted to raise your bowl to your mouth. You must refrain however, from taking something out of your mouth (for example a bone) and placing it on your plate. It whether needs to be put on a plate that is assigned for that or directly on the table.
  • Never refuse when you are offered tea, and always participate when there is a toast.
  • Conversations are important for your partner to get to know you personally so that he can trust you. Food is a subject that you can discuss, as well as sport, art and culture. Taiwan is particularly renowned for being rich in artwork and cinema productions. Political topics are to be avoided.
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