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Dos and don’ts in India

Here is a five-point list of things to look out for if you do business with a partner from India: As in most Asian countries, India is a collectivist country. Maintaining harmony is essential in [...]

Think global, act local

It is understandable that a company whose brand or brands have a huge notoriety would prefer to change as little as possible when trying to penetrate foreign markets. But it could be disastrous [...]

Canada-India relations

India is among the 13 priority markets where Canadian opportunities and interests have the greatest potential for growth, according to the Canadian government. In 2008, bilateral exchanges grew [...]

A flourishing economy

India possesses a highly qualified and educated workforce. Its universities are renowned throughout the world and are ranked as leaders in fields such as mathematics, sciences and technology. [...]

A growing purchasing power

Estimated at 50 million people in 2008, India’s middle class should reach 583 million in 2025. Global consumption is expected to quadruple within the next 20 years. Hence, this hike would allow [...]

IBM in India

Did you know that…? IBM is the multinational with the largest number of employees in India (more than 70,000). Source :

Focus on India: Introduction

The world’s largest democracy With its 1.15 billion inhabitants, the Republic of India is the second most populated country in the world after China. Hindi, the official language, is spoken by [...]

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