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Dos and don’ts in Taiwan

Food is an integral part of a country’s culture – this is even more applicable in Taiwan where it is common to have four to six meals per day. “Have you eaten?” is a common way to greet someone. [...]

Bilateral Relations

With trade reaching CAD$5.5 billion in 2008, Taiwan is Canada’s fourth largest trade partner in Asia: Canada imported goods worth almost CAD$4 billion while exports amounted to CAD$1.5 billion. [...]

The Taiwan Miracle

Considered to be very poor in the 1950s, Taiwan is now a symbol of prosperity in Asia. The speed of its growth has lead to it being nicknamed “the economic miracle of Taiwan”. SMEs are the [...]

Focus on Taiwan: Introduction

This small island covered in enchanting scenery, which has earned the name “Ilha Formosa” (the beautiful island), has about 23.1 million inhabitants. Two-thirds of the surface area is mountainous [...]

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