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How Baidu Charms Your Customers

By June 2014, China counted more than 632 million Internet users, a share of 21.97% with the whole world, and nearly twice the population of the USA. Although the number is huge and looks easy to breakthrough, do not underestimate the expectations from this market. Every second, Chinese Internet users filter the circulating information and it is shape yours as localized, reliable, and most importantly, easy to find.

Google may be the biggest search engine in the world, but its effectiveness is lost in China. Baidu is the principal giant search engine in China and the one most used by Chinese speakers. For example, searches in September 2014 on Google for Cirque du Soleil’s Chinese nomination太阳剧团 – created by Orchimedia, only generated 1.3 million results compared to Baidu, approximately 6 millions appeared. Whenever a search is performed, Baidu indicates which results are paid and which ones are organic, which is beneficial to you if you paid. Unlike Western people, who are suspicious about the honesty of paid search, Chinese users value information from a paid source, as they strongly believe that if one has to pay to inform others, it must be worthwhile to take a look. While listed on top and gaining trust through search relevance, you will attract more visitors. With marketing efforts created by Baidu, you will build a unique brand fitting you and adapted to the market that you have carefully targeted through campaigns. Thus, this is how your brand will echo its charm.

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