How Justin Trudeau adapts his Chinese marketing strategy?

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How Justin Trudeau adapts his Chinese marketing strategy?

The presidential advertising Campaign for the new prime minister Justin Trudeau is proved to be a success. It is successful not only because Trudeau team leveraged 360 degree advertising channels, online or offline, they also understood what target audience wanted.

To attract Chinese communities, the prime minister even opened Chinese social media accounts. Apparently, he well understood the importance of adapting himself to the targeted market and communicating in a familiar way targeted audience preferred. So, he chose to open Wechat – 570 million active users in September and Weibo – 212 million monthly active users to attract and build image in the market. Beside opening accounts, he sends posts regularly to engage with fans. Good news is our prime minister got more than 67,000 fans since his appearance on Weibo!

photo (2)                                                            photo (3)

(Justin Trudeau’s Weibo Account)                                                             (Justin Trudeau’s Wechat Account)

What does Justin Trudeau teach you?

  • Engage with your target audience in a way they’re comfortable / familiar with
  • Speak their language and maintain the closer relationship

About Weibo & Wechat:

Weibo & Wechat are two main popular social media platforms in Chinese spoken communities. They are also main platforms for brands use to engage with consumers. Weibo functions similarly with Twitter, however the Chinese versioned Messenger – Wechat served more than a simple message exchange app, it can be used as a brand-owned content hub or even an e-commerce platform.

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