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Immigration: If the trend continues…

If you live in Vancouver or Toronto chances are you’re familiar with Chinese or Hindi accents and Asian cultures and food. If you live in Montreal you are likely to recognize Arab accents and you may even be a huge fan of couscous… If the trend continues, in 20 years three out of ten people will belong to a visible minority group and 96% of new immigrants will live in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Thus, a safe assumption is that multiculturalism will only increase in our society. Multiculturalism refers to the “presence and persistence of diverse racial and ethnic minorities who define themselves as different and who wish to remain so[1]”.

These differences can enrich our lives or puzzle us and even make us feel uneasy. But in everyday life, whether in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal, our future looks younger as immigrants are lowering the average age of Canada’s population, and most certainly colourful, vibrant, rich in ideas and activities, new writers and artists, entrepreneurs and debates. So, as the writer Khalil Gibran stated, why “dread thirst when your well is full”?


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