How to Convince Chinese Investors To Choose You

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How to Convince Chinese Investors To Choose You

This is what China’s oversea direct investment(OFDI) looks like within the decade:

China OFDI

(Data from Chinese Business Review)

The recent $50 million investment from Tencent, the Chinese tech giant, to Kik, a Canadian messenger company, made the headline. Have you wondered why the investment was made for Kik rather than other social messenger creators?

As for Chinese oversea property investment, why you only hear about the increasing numbers of Chinese property buyers, but never received any inquiries from them?

Rodium Group analyzed that as Chinese investors are quickly evolving and they are looking for a variety of investment opportunities in developed countries. Needless to emphasize more, Chinese investors are fully prepared to bring in their investment funds, but how to make them go for you?

– Appear in their sight with their preferred methods:

The data from shows that 65% Chinese investors search investment information online. 83% of them access to Internet daily. Go beyond the firewall. As Google is blocked in Mainland China, almost all Chinese use Baidu for searching online. If you know the importance of listing your business and releasing some information on Google, you should not be hesitated to expose your business to over 600 million Internet users in China on Baidu.

– Language Adaptation:

Among those who actively search for investment information online, less than 1% of them can read English. The translation from alphabet to character always shortens the distance in between. However, in Orchimedia, we encourage business not only do simple translation, but to adapt your message IN CHINESE WAY.  The adaptation carries more weight in fitting to the mentality of your targeted audience rather than a word-to-word reversion.

– Culture understanding rules:

It’s time for you to disconnect intercultural understanding with academia and plan your investment in culture understanding. Cultural competency permits you to grow your business with a better guarantee. Do you know what Chinese property buyers value when they decide to purchase a property? Are you aware of their custom taboos? Are you conscious about their preferred way in conducting conversation? Just glimpse these questions, you should feel that your message should be adjusted for them.

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