Press Release: educative campaign to launch Orchimedia’s China Kickoff Set

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Press Release: educative campaign to launch Orchimedia’s China Kickoff Set

A digital educative campaign: “Are you ready for your mission in China? Catalyse your success”. Orchimedia has formalised its brand new service, the China Kickoff Set


The number 9 is dear to the Chinese and means “longevity”. A campaign entitled “Are you ready for your mission in China? Catalyse your success!”, which will support Quebec exporters, is being rolled out in the 9th month of this year alongside the launch of its new service, the China Kickoff Set, conceived especially for their long success in China. This educative campaign, in the form of an online quiz, aims to transfer knowledge on China business development, etiquette, marketing and branding. The campaign is designed for company executives looking to better understand and develop their Chinese markets such as mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese community in North America. Companies have until 30 September to participate in the contest and submit their application to run the chance of winning their personalised China Kickoff Set, which offers business development tools adapted for use in China based on the meticulous preparation of both their personal as well as corporate images.

THE #ChinaObjective CONTEST

Accessible via the Orchimedia quiz page, internet users have until 30 September to challenge their knowledge of China business development, etiquette, marketing and branding. Participation in this contest offers them a chance to win their personalised China Kickoff Set worth $8,800. Moreover, in order to provide more tools to companies for their China expansion preparation, during this campaign Orchimedia will share daily tips and tricks on China branding, performance marketing and influential digital communications; all of which will be available on Orchimedia’s blogLinkedIn, Facebook and Weibo pages. We also encourage exporters to use the hashtag #ChinaObjective on Twitter to ask questions to our experts and to engage with other entrepreneurs who are aiming to boost their brand to the Chinese markets.


“We are proud to present this new creation named the China Kickoff Set, explains Chia-Yi Tung, president and founder of Orchimedia. Our team has been able to develop a turn-key service which responds precisely to the worries of companies seeking successful business development from their first contact with China. This personalized China Kickoff Set suggests your first and essential business development tools adapted to China which allow Quebec exporters to gain an excellent understanding and credibility among Chinese buyers. Quebec is entering a promising phase where new avenues will be explored, also encouraging high-growth collaborations in concrete and significant projects. This China Kickoff Set was conceived in order to support and help Quebec companies succeed in China.


Considered as a catalyst, a positive influencer, and a bridge that guarantees relational success between Quebec and China, Orchimedia is the first Montreal consulting firm specialised in China branding, strategic marketing and cross-cultural communications. For 10 years and 1,280 projects, Orchimedia has contributed to the commercial success of over 150 clients as prestigious as Aéroports de Montréal, Bombardier Aerospace, Camoplast Solideal, Maison Birks, Téléfilm Canada and the Quebec Government.


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Sandrine Lessard
Accounts Manager
Orchimedia Inc.

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