Our Expertise

Corporate Communication 

Communicate effectively. Convey persuasive and clear message on proper platforms and occasion (Speech, Press conference, media relations, web content and social networks, key message, report, annual report and others).

Intercultural Communication Training

Cracker the code of Asian culture. Improve workplace efficiency, shine among competitors and avoid time-wasting and costly missteps in one of the most largest consumer groups in the world.

Multicultural Marketing (Ethnic Marketing)

Enlarge your domestic market share by targeting one of the major minority groups living in North America. Develop tailored but integrated marketing strategy to make your brands their first choice.

Brand You To China 

Delicately craft your brand with positive resonance among Chinese audiences. Strategically adapt your message and ward off simple translation or distant brand image.


Business Matching
Brand Image Design and Adaptation
Market Research and Analysis
Strategic Chinese Naming and Protection
Marketing Tools Design
Creative Video Creation
Public Relations Events and Activities
Commercial Exhibition Design
Products Packaging Design

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