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Strategic China Business Training & China Business Strategy Coaching



Accelerate Business Growth, Provide Visionary Business Consulting and Improve Organizational Performance



  • Trying to avoid faux-pas to lower the risk in doing business with China or Chinese?
  • Hesitating about what to do with the new emerging market?
  • Having difficulty in navigating the complexity of Chinese market?
  • Wondering what strategy to adopt to prepare your business for the new market challenge?
  • Experiencing cultural conflicts with your Chinese collaborators, partners, colleagues or clients?

Our China business training program helps companies and organizations build confidence in international expansion or domestic market penetration through strategically cracking the code of their Asian target audience.

Multiple Modules

Preparation & Kick-Off

This module introduces the importance of Chinese business culture. Effectively helps you understand differences in culture, values and thought. The module also helps you understand the Guanxi in Chinese business culture and negotiation skills with Chinese.

Understanding & Application

The module gives you an overview of Chinese economy and demographics. The module helps you demystify your target market and audience. It researches the market as related to your domain of practice and helps you to improve your understanding.

Analysis & Practice

The module features in marketing and branding skills in China or Chinese communities. The session introduces the ideal adaptation of products, services and messages to China or Chinese communities. It also leads you to explore the complexity of Chinese digital environment and find out a suitable way to benefit your company. .

 Our Program Setting

  • One to One Private Lunch Training
  • Strategic Advisory for Business Matching / Business Relations
  • Interactive Cross-Cultural Workshop
  • Cultural Diversity Conference
  • Workplace Cultural Diversity Problems Analysis
  • Customized Cultural Competence Solution Toolkits

Why Orchimedia

Being in the industry for more than 10 years, Orchimedia is committed to deliver the best practice. Since 2004, Orchimedia has successfully delivered 1500 projects, including China business training (UMAN) service for Tourisme Montréal, TM4, Camso, Telefilm Canada etc. Orchimedia has successfully helped various companies overcome cultural dilemma in workforce, business development and market expansion. Orchimedia has rich experience in developing customized strategies to facilitate communication,hence meet your business objective.

Discover how business like you improve their performances.

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