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Are you going to target

1.6 Million Chinese residents in Canada, equivalent to  6% of total Canada population?


Chinese Tourists: The second largest number of tourists to Canada by 2016?


2.4 million Chinese millionaires who are actively seeking oversea investing opportunities?


1.3 billion Chinese living in China?

Are you looking for a reliable partner?

Being in the industry for more than 10 years, Orchimedia is committed to provide the best practice.

Since 2004, Orchimedia has delivered over 1288 concrete projects concerning Chinese market branding. Orchimedia has rich experience in providing consultation on branding and marketing to Chinese audiences, clients including Cirque du Soleil, Telefilm Canada, Thinkwell Group, Maison Birks etc. Orchimedia helps you connect with your Chinese audiences and adapt your marketing strategies.

What We Offer?

Competitive Market Research

Tailored research study aims at deepening understanding of the Chinese consumer market and providing actionable insights.

  • Industry Analysis
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Customer Insights and Trend Analysis

Strategic Chinese Naming & Protection

Match your brand with a Chinese name resonating positive meaning.

  • Brand Audit
  • Chinese Name Creation & Protection
  • Brand Logo Design

Marketing Strategy

Preliminary research insights support Orchimedia in developing adapted and effective marketing strategies. We collaborate with you to make sure  your marketing solutions delivered in regard to target audiences’ culture, psychographics, purchasing behaviours and communication habits.

  • Products/Services Message Adaptation
  • Marketing Strategy adaptation
  • Products/Services Packaging Consultancy

Expansion Marketing Tools

This service is one part of our 360 degree total communication strategies. It assures all messages and promotional information are unified and well-organized.

  • Creative Video Creation
  • Trade Shows
  • Products Package Design
  • China Entry tools: Chinese name cards, brand book, guidelines
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