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Why Go-Mobile in China?

China has 618 million Internet users and 80% are on mobile. The number of Chinese consumers accessing Internet, apps, social media accounts and mobile transaction is increasing quickly. The growing number of online to offline purchase also made mobile marketing in China important. Report has demonstrated that 40% of offline sales are resulted in online promotion. Mobile China marketing tools allow your brand target audiences on the go.


Why Orchimedia?

Since 2004, Orchimedia has delivered over 1288 concrete projects concerning Chinese market branding. Orchimedia has rich experience in helping brand entering Chinese market and our professionalism can assure you the success in reaching Chinese consumers.


What Do We Offer?

– Mobile Site Design and Build-up

– Mobile Campaign Mini-site build-up

– Mobile SEO & SEM

We optimize your site to meet needs of different IOS and Android users. Mobile SEO & SEM allows your brand be seen by people with most purchase possibility.


– Mobile App Marketing

Millions of mobile apps in China, we help you discover apps relevant to your industry and business. Get involved with people most concerned.

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