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To help you succeed in ethnic market and grow your domestic market share, Orchimedia is committed to connect your business with Chinese spoken audience living in North America

The Dynamic Multicultural Market 

Our 360 degree Multicultural Marketing Services

Multicultural Marketing Strategy Development

Strategically adapt or develop your multicultural marketing strategy. Make the ethnic marketing strategy a perfect adds-on in your larger marketing strategy.

  • Strategic Multicultural Marketing Advisory and Consultancy
  • Multicultural Marketing Strategy Development
  • Marketing Strategy Adaptation

Cross-Cultural Digital Marketing

Do you know that domestic Chinese not only use Facebook or Twitter? They use both western and Chinese social media to engage with their families and friends. Our trans-cultural digital marketing strategy adapts to digital behaviours and preferences of Chinese living in North America.

  • Social Media Management 
  • Digital Campaign Planning 
  • Search Engine Optimization (Tailored to Chinese Communities)

Events Marketing

Outreach targeted audience to events to better meet your final goal. Adapt your events to tailored and specific audience to amplify your brand.

  • Product Launch 
  • Trade Show  
  • Products Display/ Show Events

Media Relations Outreach and Management

Connect your brands with domestic Chinese through influential and powerful Chinese media outlets.

  • Press Release Writing
  • Media Relations Outreach 
  • Media Planning and Buying

Multicultural Marketing Toolkits

At the end of our multicultural marketing strategy loop, marketing toolkits embrace all targeted audience and encourage purchase.

  • Marketing Brochure Adaptation
  • Products Packaging Design 
  • Key Visual Advertisement Design 
  • Commercial Video Adaptation
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