Sina Weibo: Your B2B and B2C Amplifier

Sina Weibo: Your B2B and B2C Amplifier

Social media are widely used today and one of the uses is to make your company noticed and to reach out to people of your targeted market. With so many choices, it is sometimes difficult to know which one to start with and which one to leave aside. In China, Sina Weibo is the biggest social media platform. With more than 143,8 million active users every month, Sina Weibo is also considered one of the most effective for your notoriety.

Sina Weibo allows you to transmit your message and allows other users to refer to you and repost your words, which is a way for you to directly communicate with your audience. By interacting with your audience, either your business partners or consumers, your brand will gain more visibility for every interaction and you will enlarge your market.

The reason why this digital platform has become so strong for foreign companies is because of the classic concept of word of mouth. Fundamentally, people in China base on peers’ reviews before buying your products or even establishing their guanxi with you. For instance, Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) saw an increase of 30% of Chinese tourists every year after 2011, when the renown actress Yao Chen wrote on Weibo about her visit in “the first country in the world to be kissed by the sun.” Since then, China has become the second source of tourists, following Australia. So don’t wait, voice yourself in the social media to build up relationships!

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