Your first steps to seduce sophisticated Chinese consumers

Orchimedia’s « Kick-off Set » and « e-China Toolkit » are designed for SMEs.
Each turnkey solution effectively enables your business development to reach China, Chinese tourists, investors and immigrants.

Kick-off Set

Visit China soon? Get positive results from an excellent confident first impression!

This set includes counselling and validation services before your departure for China, as well as the creation of your business development tools.

Principal benefits:

  • Executive coaching on specific Chinese business etiquette by Chia-Yi Tung, leading Chinese marketing specialist in Montreal
  • Professional design of your first business tools according to market trends
  • Carefully prepared Chinese business card
  • Strategic cultural adaptation of your corporate flyer
  • Digital flyer

Detail in PDF

e-China Toolkit

Can Chinese consumers find your website on Baidu, the “local” Google for Chinese people? Activate your China digital marketing by adapting your website and your keywords in Mandarin to ensure your credibility as well as your presence on the Internet.

Principal benefits:

  • Analyze and recommend relevant information to Chinese buyers who have different criteria
  • Strategically adapt your main message while considering cultural differences
  • Highlight your competitive advantages
  • Preserve your website’s original tone and visual effects
  • Submit to index your Chinese website on Baidu

“The originality of the contact is at the same time very professional and highly personalized, just like an Asian image. I believe that to well understand the intervention and to maintain a good relationship with people in charge of China, it’s very interesting and very much appreciated.” – Alain Renaud, Founder and President, Laboratoires DRUIDE inc.

“It’s well adapted to SMEs. Within a short time, we already had something to start off. We know that if we have further needs subsequently, it’s always possible. At least, from the first weeks, we have materials to present.” – Yann Daigneault, Commercial Director, Laboratoires DRUIDE inc.

“In the first place, we have to adapt to the country, so we’ve put emphasis on China. Of course, we have to develop tools to reach clients in China. They are commercialization tools. For instance, by translating the brochure and the website, we have to ensure that the message is communicated in the local language, particularly in Mandarin. Orchimedia has helped us a lot. The staffs are very competent. They are people who respect the calendar and the deadlines, they are very, very professional.” – Sam Edery, International Business Development, Jesta I.S.

“The simplicity and the quality of the material created by Orchimedia helped us a lot to well convey the message of our offers. Without hesitation, this investment had a significant positive impact on the financial outcome of our company in the last year. […] This year, our sales has increased by 57% compared to last year, among which 75% comes from new clients.” – Julie Nichols, Founder and President, Organzo


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