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Statistics on Chinese Internet users

With a total population that exceeds 1.4 billion people, it is not surprising that the number of Internet users in China alone surpasses the total sum of users from many Western countries. Statistics on Internet use in China could give readers a sense of vertigo. It is estimated that over 300 million Chinese are Internet users, which is more than the total population of the US. Statistical forecasts suggest there will be close to 500 million users in 2015 which represents dazzling growth. Up to 92% of Chinese Internet users use social media, which is often made by and for Chinese users, despite the success of Facebook and Twitter. In comparison, only 76% of American Internet users in the US use these social networks. We can see that the Chinese, like the Japanese, are very fond of the Internet. Considering that the culture is totally different, it is normal that sites which have achieved great success in the West, don’t fair as well in Asia. Asian social networks often offer similar options but are integrally different.

Furthermore there are over 100 million Internet users in the rural regions of China alone. 60% of Chinese Internet users use mobile Internet (through intelligent phones such as iPhones from Apple), a tool which is expanding year on year throughout the world. For the majority of Asians, the Internet is a medium primarily used on cell phones. Numerous social networks in Japan require a cell phone number in order to register. It is important to know that cell phones in Asia have many functions that have not yet been developed in North America. Among others, it is possible to access public transport and make purchases from a cell phone. The Chinese are increasingly using their cell phones to get online to the point where computer sales are lower than those of telephones. This shows the major difference that exists between North-American and Asian users. These statistics also make it possible to see the vast scale and the possibilities that are offered to those who wish to succeed on the Web in China.

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