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The Western influence

In contrast to China and Japan, Western social networks like Twitter and Facebook have pierced the market despite all the success of the local networks (Cyworld and Me2day). The use of Western [...]

A ludic world

It is thus not surprising to note that Koreans are big Internet users. One particular aspect of Korea is the existence of organised online video game leagues (such as Global Starcraft 2 League): [...]

Well-established networks

Social media have undergone numerous recent transformations while their use has soared. According to a recent study, 25.7 million people (about half of the country’s population) visited a social [...]

Korea, a land of extremes

Located between China and Japan, South Korea is a country that has developed into a high-tech hub. With one of the fastest internet networks in the world, Koreans are also enticed with the [...]

Major changes in the dynamic

The strong penetration of the Internet in Japan has resulted in a very sophisticated use of it by the Japanese. They use powerful online tools and are not hesitant to voice their opinions on [...]

Their own social networks

The division of social networks into sub-groups means that the networks connect the public more precisely. The people of Japan and their unique culture have enabled the hatching of networks that [...]

A multitude of uses

More and more, the Japanese are using social media to get informed on a mass of subjects, but also to shop. As they tend to ask for advice from their entourage, these users are thus less [...]

The Taiwan Miracle

Considered to be very poor in the 1950s, Taiwan is now a symbol of prosperity in Asia. The speed of its growth has lead to it being nicknamed “the economic miracle of Taiwan”. SMEs are the [...]

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