The dos and don’ts in Vietnam

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The dos and don’ts in Vietnam

Here are five things to look out for if you are doing business with a Vietnamese partner:

  1. Whether on business cards or in a signature, the surname is always placed before the given name. When one addresses a Vietnamese person however, the given name must be used, preceded by Mr or Mrs or their title of preference. For example, Nguyen Van Tuan, the director of a company should be called Director Tuan or Mr. Director but never Director Nguyen (as in many other Asian countries). The same rule applies when speaking of someone.
  2. It is advisable to engage in written correspondence prior to meeting a partner. Correspondence should be written in a very formal style. Moreover, the younger the relationship, the bigger the emphasis must be on the format instead of the content. They should always end with an exchange of civilities and formal greetings.
  3. Your Vietnamese partners will expect to receive gifts during the first meeting. There should be enough so that each of the participants can have one. They can be small and not very expensive, something with a company logo for example. If the gifts are of different values, then the most expensive should be given to the most senior participant.
  4. The society has a collectivist nature and thus a Vietnamese could be embarrassed if he receives public praise because it alienates him from his colleagues. It is thus preferable to do it in private, in a diplomatic way and in the presence of an intermediary.
  5. The personal and social distance at which Vietnamese feel comfortable is much larger than in North America. In addition, they don’t appreciate physical contact.
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