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The launch of Orchimedia’s new blog

Great news! The new Orchimedia blog is online! Included are a variety of topics such as the new economic trends in Asia, the cultural differences between Asian peoples, ethnic and international marketing and bilateral relations between Asian countries and Canada; we will shine the spotlight on various countries as well as provide you with tools and advice on what is appropriate to do, and what isn’t, in order to develop strong relationships with your Asian partners and thus capitalize on all the exciting opportunities that these fast-growing markets offer. The search button will allow you to perform a simple but focused search of all the content and thus you will have no trouble finding the information of particular interest to you. The blog already includes nine newsletters and we invite all our readers, clients, partners and friends to meet us there so that we all share to better understand China and Asia as well as exchange on any event or meeting specific to this continent so full of promise.

Ce blogue est également disponible en français sur

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