Tradeshows: How to optimize your B2B relationships

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Tradeshows: How to optimize your B2B relationships

Each year, numerous international tradeshows take place in China, bringing thousands of foreign companies to meet their Chinese counterparts. According to surveys, tradeshows are the most favoured and profitable method for an exporter to find the right partner, with whom he will expand foreign market sales. Why? Because these events gather stakeholders within the same industry, thus, it is the best moment for your Chinese counterparts to know about your company and its products, as much as for you to find your representative. Finally, all the human interactions that you will gather there becomes the beginning and the hallmark of your B2B “guanxi”.

As previously mentioned Chinese people loves direct contacts when dealing with business. Tradeshows do not only allow you to experience Chinese people’s work style, it also offers you the opportunity to listen and understand your market. The attention that you will pay to your counterparts will help you adapt your service, deepen your guanxi, and therefore, increase sales. In conclusion, it is at tradeshows that information circulates lively and rapidly, which leads to an increased visibility of your company and its products among your targeted group. Do not spare small communication details! In order to facilitate interactions and to present a credible image of your company, give out business cards and hand out information sheets about your company. They are essential actions to make you recognized and chosen by your Chinese counterparts.

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