Multiply Your Sales by Using Mobile Devices

Multiply Your Sales by Using Mobile Devices

About 1 out 5 Internet users in the world are in China and most foreign company have understood that Internet one of the most effective and quick method to reach them out. As we have previously explored how to make your company known on the Chinese market through Baidu, the most powerful Chinese search engine, it is now time to observe at a trendy Internet behaviour: the use of mobile device.

There are more than 700 millions active smartphone users in China, who have amplified research and shopping frequencies within a year of span. It is confirmed that 83,4% of Chinese Internet users are surfing with their mobile device (cellphones and tablets), which outnumbered PC users, 80,9%, shaping the new communicational standards for sales. This realization has forced, either voluntarily or by one’s own expense, companies to adapt their websites to mobile platforms in order to reach the targeted market. For instance, at the beginning of the year 2014, it was estimated that 69% of Chinese consumers have bought product on their mobile device, whereas in America, only 46% have gone through the experience. Taobao and Tmall, two branches from the giant Alibaba for C2C and B2C, has accounted 76.1% of the e-commerce transactions made through mobile devices. Still a growing practice, mobile accessibility of your company’s page will not only increase sales, but also strengthen your guanxi with your customers.

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