Why cultural competence is a must have skill for marketers?

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Why cultural competence is a must have skill for marketers?

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The direct flight between Montreal and Beijing will undoubtedly bring a lot more China related opportunities. Despite it facilitates bilateral business communication; it will also boost Canadian travel industry. In 2014, it is estimated that 20,000 Chinese tourists visited Quebec. With the direct flight and tighter relations with China, the number of Chinese tourists is estimated to reach 100,000 Chinese tourists in 2020. However, facing increasing Asian customers and tough competitions with other countries in the global travel sector, how can we distinguish ourselves other than providing transportation convenience and tourist attraction authenticity?

The answer should be marketing with cultural competence. To put it simply, cultural competence is the capability to profoundly understand different culture of a group of people and leverage the understanding in adapting strategies. When reach customers from different cultural background, cultural competence privileges marketers to think empathetically in exploring consumer behaviours, therefore avoiding missteps and making effective decisions. Cultural competence also enables marketers to provide more than kettles or Chinese snacks in hotel rooms. It allows marketers to have the cultural-based strategic thinking ability, therefore to make your business shine among customers.

Market performance is a touchstone for testing strategies, however the optimal application of cultural understanding will guarantee the success. For instance, the communication strategy: translation allows communication in the same language with your audience, however adaptation makes it beyond language, it reforms the approach, which will increase connectivity with your audience. In what degree will marketers develop products/services from the mentality of your target audiences? In what degree will marketers revolutionize key products/business messages from the psychograph of your targeted customers?

Facing the thriving Chinese market brought by the new air route, is your business concretely ready? See how business like you adapt to the market.

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